How to stop your bet and collect cash for the won matches

You can now stop your ticket and collect the cash for the won games with the new Nairabet CASH OUT

NairaBET Cash Out is the feature that gives you the ability to collect your winnings before the games in your bet have been played or completed. There are different ways you can cash out.

1. When you place your bet but you decide to cancel it. Maybe you changed your mind or you made a mistake. You can cash out. You will get your stake (minus processing fee of about 10%) will be returned to your account.

2. When you place an accumulator and some teams have won and you decide you want your money out because you are afraid one of the bets will still spoil your ticket, you can cash out. Imagine placing an accumulator of 10 games then 8 have won. You can collect your money before the other two have been played.

3. You can also cash out live games. If you bet during a live game and the team you bet on is winning. You can cash out money before the game finishes. Even if the team you selected is losing, you can still cash out some money. The current situation of the game will determine how much you will be offered for cash out.

4.  We also have the sweetest kind of cash out. You can bet on a normal game (Pre Match) and when the match starts, the team is losing, you can cash out. For example, let’s say you placed a normal (Pre Match) bet on Chelsea to win. Then the game starts and Chelsea concedes a goal, you can cash out. Or if you selected 5 games, 4 have won and the fifth one starts and the team you bet on is losing, you can cash out. NairaBET is the only company in Africa that has this feature. However, this feature is available only othe major leagues and competitions. The English, Spanish, German, Italian and French leagues. Also included are the UEFA Champions League, the EUROPA League, the Euros and the World Cup. It is available only on 1 X 2 games.


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